Friday, June 20, 2008

Things that Perplex Me

I haven't been writing because I haven't felt inspired by anything I have read or seen lately. However somethings really annoy me...

1. Blog commenters who have no sense of humor are horrible. For example, Fashionista is a site that has lots of interesting posts such as rumours or trivia or links to better stuff but can be a little snotty about their opinions. I like it because I can get a good laugh. However, some people who comment on the site take it way too seriously. Many posts about a quote or copyright infringement lead to arguments and insults. No need to say someone is a bitch or stupid just because they disagree with you right?
A more serious site where I get annoyed is the Economist! People who comment are crazy and go off topic. Especially about sensitive current affairs. People can use the most obscure and useless facts to support their point. Basically I always considered myself very smart for reading the I realize the other readers aren't so impressive so maybe I wasn't in the greatest company. lol

2. People think they are great about organics, healthiness, environment etc but are clueless. Like the socialite and her VC husband who bought a healthy cleaning products company and started selling it to her socialite friends. People! If you or your friends put botox or restylane in your faces or whatever and you spout about healthy living then I have to laugh. As socialites who are middle-aged and stunning, I assume they have tried it at least. mind you, I like using Method brand which espouses health, environment and blah blah blah but I just like the packaging and the scents. Another example: the beauty editor of Lucky Magazine states there is a debate on deodorants among the employees at the magazine. Apparently they all agree that organic deodorants are not up to par. And since she is a "hippie" at heart (while working at a glossy paper magazine in a mega corporation), she will use a perfume by bobbi brown that is suppose to smell like a bath. LOL I guess she thinks a designer perfume "isn't" full of chemicals which makes it sooo different from any deodorant. And I love Lucky Mag so I'm not picking on them.

3. New Vogue Italia with all the black models. Beautiful models that should be used more but I am disappointed Cathy Horyn (NYT) didn't ask the EIC if the next issue has black models in it and how many. And she didn't mention if there are ads in the black issue and if those ads have black models. Or does Italian Vogue not have ads? LOL I really doubt that.

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