Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Detox Day 2: Tune Out

I skipped Jon Stewart and Colbert Report last night and I was able to fall asleep much faster. I woke up this morning refreshed. I also skipped The View, Ellen and Martha today. It definitely makes me feel more efficient. I plan to continue sleeping early and skipping the late-night shows. Tomorrow I plan to skip the morning lazy music video marathon.

I am also tuning out the blogs. I plan to skip blog reading for this whole week. However I will still check my emails because it would be insane not to. I am still recovering from my last 'vacation' from email checking. I probably went through 500 emails in 2 weeks. I don't even have a job, its not right to have so many emails. I guess I am overloaded with information.

In terms of my diet, I have failed miserably to cut back. I will have to try harder but there's still so many goodies left over from holidays.

And yes, I am 3 or so weeks behind the challenge but I am taking it much more seriously this time around.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Body and Soul Challenge

This is basically a New Years self-improvement type of challenge. I am going to try to complete all 35 days. You can go to the link to see what each week is like. The first week is Detox and I am already failing.

Detox Day 1: Scale Back

Caffeine: Only 1 cup in the morning with a little sugar and skim milk. I will never scale that back. It wouldn't be worth the headaches.
Sweets: I had a shortbread cookie and some cream puffs...not smart of me

Get organized: I didn't bother to get the right foods for detox. There is plenty of healthy food in my house. The problem is the junk food that's leftover from the holidays.

Reflect on diet 20mins: I think this counts? right?

Detox tips:
-definitely not eating raw food in middle of winter.
-I ate tofu and I am going to count that as whole foods
-I don't cook so we won't be having any beans

I got of to a slow start but I think it'll get better as it progresses from just diet to exercise etc.