Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shopbop Designer Lookbook

Shopbop is highlighting one of my favourite denim labels: J Brand.

J Brand has some of the best skinny jeans that are around. There are two options for skinny jeans: 10" and 12" ankle circumference. Basically, one is super tight and the other is slightly less tight. Really both are tight but looks amazing and I don't even have nice legs or anything like that. I have never tried their other styles but they are famous for the 10" skinny jean. I recommend it too!

J Brand can be found in Canada at Aritzia which means you can actually try them on. However, I think the prices are better online and since Shopbop amazingly offers free shipping to Canada, it's a good alternative (I haven't used Shopbop before because I am broke but I know it is reputable because it is owned by Amazon.com). I also find that there are more sales online. From my experience trying on what is available at Artizia (where I used to go for J Brand), the sizes are pretty consistent across styles and colors/materials.

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