Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Are these worth it?

I desperately want a romper style jumpsuit. I consider this one of those trends that I might easily regret in about 3 months but I really want one now. However, if you go to the fast-fashion stores like Zara or H&M, they are really not attractive looking. Two similar ones that I have found that I think look great are both regularly $500! Even with the Vanessa Bruno ones at $200, I think it is excessive for something that I won't have any desire to wear next year. One summer of ironic 70's flashback (at least I wasn't born in that decade lol) is enough even if the style is still hot next year.

Catherine Holstein Jumper $554

Vanessa Bruno Athé Playsuit $510 now $204

So is it worth a couple hundred to buy one of these? They are so much nicer than the ones I've seen so far but they are also way beyond what I would normally spend on a trend item....

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